Sunday, October 31, 2010

planning for new cribs

Hey guys!

Thanks for visiting my site and to my valued visitors thanks a lot, you made me happy when I read your messages via email, I never really knew that I have all of you. I just wanted to say that I'm planning to change or make a new blog site using Wordpress that would be linkable to my personal website which is still on process (pending for how many years coz of laziness hehe). I'm still working on it coz I'm currently confused on what design to use and my own prospect photos are still not been taken, still looking for the nice spot. Though I'm not a Wordpress junky coz frankly, I don't know how to use it lol, I'm a bit confused in functionality, though I have account there but I'm not using it, all you can see there is "Hello World" lol.

The major reason why is that My Adsense is no longer functioning for nearer a year and it frustrates me to bring it back. I don't know what to do anymore, been trying to solve but then it's still the same, Still can't access and as you can see adsense portion is blank. I still don't know why it became like that. And I do have random posts in here, so I want something categories by subject. And also consider for some confidential-personal reasons.

I'll still do some SEO and Link Building in my new sites, so you can still search me hehe. By the way thanks to my co-workers before in teaching me how. They are really good in it coz it's their job. I found myself annoying in asking them haha coz I really want to learn. I should have applied Virtual Assistant than Graphic Designer before.

So as of now, I am still continue to post here and one day I'll post the addresses of my "New Cribs".

Thanks alot,
Mimot (Admin)


Thursday, October 28, 2010

whoa Kobe you're the MAN!!!


Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Oh my GOD!!!!! This is UNBELIEVABLE!!!

He is Robbie Maddison who jumped his motorcycle last 2008 New Year's Eve to the top of the Arc de Triomphe at the Paris Las Vegas.

It really looks like suicide when he came down OMG~!!!! But HE DID IT~!!! FREAKIN' AWESOME!!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Copy Paste??!!

Last July I saw this Billboard of Ms. Kris Aquino (Metathione) in Matina street in Davao City, Philippines.

But then I remember: "I think I saw that pose before". When I searched it on my magazine collection (one by one), I saw this one in ELLE Magazine - November 2001 Edition (DIOR).

I just remember now about this stuff.

For 2nd look:

So, what do you think??? tsk tsk...

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Big Heart for Filipino from Canadian Model

You know what, I just wanted to say something (Finally!) about this Canadian Model named Andrew Philip II. He's from Quebec Montreal specifically. I noticed him first at my friends Facebook Wall where she posted a youtube video of him where he made some comments about the hostage tragedy of chinese in Philippines a couple of months ago. Here:

I found him cute coz really he is right? (nobody would disagree to me on this lol). So I started searching about him coz as what I've read all through out internet he has a BIG HEART to Filipinos. So I added him in my Facebook and when he confirmed me, I saw bunch of Filipino people in his friends list, walls, videos, photos, etc. everywhere in his account. I was like "Is this for real?? I think he's filipino or half-filipino or whatever. (but trust me, neither of those he is. In short HE IS NOT!!)", so I said "Wow this is first time". So everytime he update his Facebook(as himself), hundreds of comments appeared on it, although I wanna be part on that "comment" crowd but I didnt wrote any coz I'm pretty sure everyday my notifications would be hundreds. So I'm just enjoying viewing and reading some of it. From that then, I found him interesting. I keep on telling myself, "I wanna meet him one day in person (as in one on one LMFAO) if I'll go to canada and I'm gonna marry him ahahaha". So I asked my friend (who's working in Vancouver) of how many hours travel from Vancouver to Quebec, Montreal and she said 5 straight hours via plane. I was like "WHAT????!!! Canada would be so big if that's the case, and she said, "yeah canada is big" and she asked me "why" coz that was the first time she heard about me got interested of canada knowing I am too much inlove of London. I just told her "coz there's this guy from there who admire filipino so much and sounds like he has a filipino blood where infact he is purely not." Then she uttered a name "Is that Andrew Philip?" and I said "yeah you know him?" she said "yeah I've heard him everywhere here and he has lots of filipino friends." So I said "so I'm behind? LOL".

Frankly, when I saw his pictures he seemed so familiar to me. It's like "I think I saw him before somewhere". So while looking at his photos in FB, I saw a caption in one of it saying (I forgot the exact words but it was like this): "... blah blah blah... Belle Mundo Models... blah blah blah". So I said "Belle Mundo???". Which the founder/president is Filipino-Canadian. So I went to belle mundo's website and I saw him there as #1 in the list. I KNEW IT!!!! Coz I do have canadian friend who lived in Quebec, Montreal also which is also working with belle mundo (small world ayt?!), but we dont have any communications anymore now coz of different lives. So I asked him (after a long time) and he said "I never met him(andrew) in person and never had encounter him in any of the photo shoots." So I was like "Ok."

So now again, I saw this video in his profile just this moment and I am amazed of his filipino accent. And guess what He love filipino food soooo much~!! He was like Filipino soul in white guy body hahaha. WOW~!!!

It's really nice to know that a guy like him love to be part of us Filipino.

So I just wanted to say to him if maybe someday he can read this article (I hope not, I'm shy haha) "till we meet Andrew! hahaha... Nice to know you.

By the way, here he is:

this was in canada (with filipino people)
Note: I dont own any of these pictures. I grabbed them from his Facebook account.

He admire Ms. Venus Raj (Philippine candidate for Miss Universe 2010 - 4th runner-up). He was once showed in Sweet Life (Philippine Tv Program) when the guess was Venus Raj and they feature Andrew's message for her.. I feel so ...... ______ secret aheeee ^___^ . Iza Calsado (tv host) describe him as "he's just not cute but also smart and sensitive". (she's definitely right). I think she likes him hehehe.

I've heard he's in Philippines right now (October 25, 2010). A lot of fans welcomed him.

Filipino consider his name as Andrew Philipino. hmmmm coincidence??? or meant to be???

P.S my sister says "he's handsome" hahaha... adios~!!!

Charice is frickin hilarious ... 0.0

Charice Pempengco impersonate Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Britney, Justin Bieber and The Chipmunks!! hahaha.. She's awesome no matter what!! ... I love the interviewer, she's lovely, love the way she laugh haha.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Eloquent Lyrics


WHAT HAVE YOU DONE by Within Temptation

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Drawings Everywhere :)

If you guys amazed (coz I was) on the ARTIST on SANDS
in my previous posts.
Here's the ARTIST on WATER!!!
whew~!!!! such a talented people...

and this one a SAND ART in BOTTLE!!!!

and have you heard about JULIEN BEEVER???!!!!
An English-Belgium 3D chalk street artist!!! here's his works!!!
I wanna see these in person!!! T__T


Saturday, October 16, 2010

cont. pictorials @the beach ^___^ (selected)


with my friend mishy
taken and edited by me aheeee ^___^

. . .

Friday, October 15, 2010

Stealing or copying others talent/work is unprofessionalism

I made this post because while I was viewing and amazed of camillo's work in hip hop dancing as you can see in my previous post, I ended up on this video:

You know what this is illegal! Camillo and crew should make some legal actions about this. This is really not right. They should show some respect to the owner. This is unfair as the Afterschool Choreographer making money out of it in stealing other's talent or work. If he/she (afterschool choreographer) loves/like camillo's stepping he/she should mentioned some credits to them. They should be lucky then that they(camillo's crew) didn't make any legal actions about it coz if they say so, they(afterschool's choreographer) would definitely lose, I'll tell you.

This is the consequences of internet, you wouldn't know who are those people copying or stealing your works and own as theirs. This is worst coz this is public/business and the whole world might see it. tsk tsk such a disgrace!!

This made me miss dancing soooo muchhhh T__T

wow @_@.. Nice moves!! I like the stepping.. Wanna go back in dancing T__T

Thursday, October 14, 2010

pictorials @the beach ^____^

more pictures to come hihi

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

you should wear pair of eyes at
the back of your head
coz you'll never know who your
enemies are in disguise.
eyes infront can see but cant
spotted the real.

-by mimot

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

i dont give a damn on what
other people say...
they dont give healthy mind anyway.

from the movie Hachiko

what a nice line from a father T__T.
wish i have dad or brother like that.

I watched this twice. The first one was last august and today.
It's a very touching true to life story from japan.
That's why I named my puppy SACHI :D
and she was watching also infront of tv hehe so cute.

my litte SACHI ^___^

i kept looking for her and i found her in garage aheee ^___^

Monday, October 11, 2010


Sunday, October 10, 2010

YOU, please tell me what to do,
I'm so disappointed in you,
You made things that made me cry,
and you always wondered why,
why I sing my lullaby,

YOU, please come back to me,
I waited up so patiently,
I sit down and I start to cry,
But you never ask me why,
Why I sing my lullaby,

Was it my fault you lead me in the wrong direction,
Was it my fault you didn't show me any affection,
I show you when I start to cry,
still you always wonder why,
why i sing my lullaby

YOU, why love me if your cold,
You'll just get bitter then grow old,
Ask me when I start to weep,
Then I'll tell you in my sleep,
Why I sing my lullaby.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Treasuring friendship is not mandatory to tell them how you love/thank them on everything. Its about showing how they are ready when you need them, who are willing to listen when you need someone to talk to, who are willing to share their shoulders when you're hurt, who are worried and looked for you when you're lost. Its in the bonding, heart and TRUST. Thru laughters and tears, good times and bad, rich and poor, success and failure. Broken hearted and happy, partying and boredom--they are always there. THEY WILL NOT JUDGE YOU but instead accept and just laughed about it when you tell them your crazy darkest side/secret. You know what, they are only FEW and you'll never know them when you already THROUGH.

via joy's tumblr


Tuesday, October 5, 2010

"If I wrote a note to God,
I would speak what's in my soul,
I'd ask for all my HATE to be swept away
For LOVE to overflow,
I'd pour my heart out on each page
and I'd say...

Give me the strength to make it through,
Help me find love, cause love is overdue,
And it seems like so much is going wrong on this road I'm on,
Please help me find a way,
End all my bitterness and put some tenderness in my heart,
And it looks like I haven't got a clue,
I need some help from You.
Grant me the faith to carry on,
Give me hope when it seems all my hope is gone,
Teach me to trust in You with all my heart,
Coz I can't do this on my own."

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Wentworth Fanatic Must Watch This

Sorry can't resist to post this coz this is HILARIOUS!!! This interviewer is frickin funny! Wentworth reaction is sooooo cute. He's speechless hahaha. He (interviewer) impersonate him in Prison Break..

Is this for real????!!!

OMG! haha

Computer / Laptop would be useless then...

Look at the iMat or shortcut for floor-mat hehe. You can lay down on it while checking some stuff lol..

This is awesome but crazy haha...

Michelle Phan goes Live Chat for the first time

Michelle Phan is Online in blogtv.com now!! Check it out!


I know her way back hmmm 3years ago, I think. Dont know exactly. Well, that time she was just starting. While I was searching on youtube about make-up tutorial and found her channel and from that then I always check her videos coz she's amazing, pretty, really talented and artistic and of course fashionista. And when day goes by, I heard a lot of achievement about her till she got so famous now. She's really nice and down to earth girl, that's why I love her and I love her sweet soft-spoken voice.

For those who don't know MichellePhan. She's a Vietnamese American known for creating make-up tutorials and beauty tip videos on YouTube. She is also a video spokesperson for Lancome. Additionally, Phan is the creator and owner of skincare line IQQU. - Wikipedia.org

I recorded some live conversation.

Im so sorry about the audio.
I was looking for the good quality but can't find some at the moment.

Why it's so blurry?? It's so clear before uploaded.

While doing the live chat, her two friends came and joined the fun.
The girl seem so pretty.
She look like Shu Qi (the girl from So Close - Hongkong Action Film)

Here's her Blog:

Saturday, October 2, 2010

I've been walking around all day,
I think I have a problem,
I think, I think too much.
I've been taught to hold back my tears,
and avoid them.
But you make pain into something I could touch.

I've been walking around all day,
I think I'd be better off without you here.
And I bet you're sweet and hard to get over.
So I'll cry and people will stop and stare.
Now that's okay
Let them stop and stare.

Cause I am FRAGILE!
I am hopeless.
I'm not perfect.
But I am FREE.

Hope you're safe and sound, not alone now.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Beckhams: My Desktop Background

I'm a fan of this couple, so just wanted to share this to all.
Been my background since I bought my laptop,
sometimes I changed it but I always end up to them.
Perfect Combination on earth ^___^

Let's talk about ENGLISH ACCENT in different country (Selective)

Let's start from Celebrity:

American Accent
Here's Leighton Meester.
I love the way she talk in gossip girl.

Here's Victoria Beckham for British (English) Accent.
I really love her and her husband David (awwww).
She's so beautiful.

French-English Accent:

Singaporean-English Accent:

African-English Accent from BLOOD DIAMOND Clip:

Indian-English Accent

Aussie (Australian) Accent

Last but not the least Filipino-English Accent
This is from the Call Center Agents

Here's the Funny English Conversation of Korean and Italian

And this is funny conversation lol

So which Accent do you like?
For me, I like the British One ^__^

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