Wednesday, August 25, 2010


I'm sorry but I can't stop listening to this AMAZING UNRELEASED SONG!!! THIS IS PERFECT hahaahhaah.. reminds me with some jackassess WELL.... hahahaha.... Hope you like it, or should I say "you would like this".. I'll bet my last penny this will go a long way, this will hit #1 for sure... hahahaha

(girl version hahaha)

I heard you driving 'round town with the boy I love and I'm like "FUCK YOU and FUCK HER TOO"

Although there's pain in my chest I still wish you the best with a..."FUCK YOU"

I pity the FOOL that falls in love with you. Opps she's a gold digger ....... WELL....... Just thought you should know nigga...

I've got some news for you. Yeah go run and tell your little girlfriend...

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Another points for us filipino.... Proud of being "bad" huh?

I just want to react about this shameful event "again" that happened in this country. I'm talking about the "bus hostage" with chinese tourist here in philippines. Well, if you dont heard about it try to search it coz to tell you frank, either myself can't afford of reading it or knowing it or watching it on on tv. Apparently, I dont watch tv, I most on internet and specially I DONT WATCH NEWS, coz all I heard is BAD NEWS. Well whats new? Filipino known as the dumbasses in other country. Yeah maybe I'm wrong or NOT ALL right? but.... that's what I've experienced based on my previous posts. Actually I cursed those countries who didnt treat filipino right. I was like devastated of knowing "degraded" word for "filipino". But... I think I was wrong. I can't blame them. Coz like what we reacted if we knew that someone mock "filipino" and we want them to apologize in public. Same with them, when some foreigners treated not nice in our country, they have right to get angry too. All I can say IT'S SUCH A SHAME. People bring shamefulness to everybody. So what's the point?

I know chinese people are ANGRY now to filipino people. I just want to say ... We already bad record and not been treated fairly outside how much more again this time coz of what happened... I wouldnt be shock if someday if I'll back to my tour in asia again, I would AGAIN HOLD in immigration and lots of unpredictable questions would be ask. If you could just read those unequal treatment for us when we were having fun in our tour. Well it was A LOT but I just post one. NExt time I'll post again those 3 experiences.

Well before I was blind about "what the hell was wrong".. or let us say "what the hell filipino did why they treated us like this, why we generalize us?" But NOW I truly understand and aware coz if I hadn't had my tour .. im pretty sure that until now.. im still ... BLIND , UNAWARE and with the word "HELL I CARE"..

You know what, when someone asked me "WHAT COUNTRY YOU CAME FROM?". I usually answer "PHILIPPINES" and you wanna know their reactions about our country? They had FLAT FACE. Some says OK. Some says negative things. Some mocked. Some making excuses. And the common thing. SOme says "hows the corruption there?". YOu wanna know also my reactions?. I was just like OK WHATS NEW. I was immune about it, you know. Before I was angry and trying to defend. SAying "that's not fair. It's not all. DOnt generalize.. blah blah..". But the nice thing was NOBODY BELIEVE IM FROM PHILIPPINES not until I showed them my passport. They said I dont look like filipina. But days go by and lots of people asked where I came from.. One day .. I answered "I'm from vietnam" and no further questions, in short they believe im from there. Sometimes I just want them to guess where I'm from then surprisingly, nobody answered "philippines". That was really funny. It's a sign of being proud-less of my country. Well, whose gonna blame? The shark in the sea.. get my point? If not.. then sorry.

If you gonna ask me why did i post something like this or reacted something like this? I wouldnt waste my time typing on this if my friends didnt say "they already asked all the filipino here, and all the tourist have negative feedback about us". While my other friend says: "there are 2 filipinas been killed by their boss, its been not reported here, they hide it. Some been kicked in their work. Some pushed to MRT and died. This is the most horrible things I heard here." To know where they are... they're working in asia.. dont wanna mention the exact name of the country, just be playing safe. Its so hard to get enemy a whole country vs. 1 person. If you know what I mean "BLOG". Been seen lots of case about that. I dont wanna be on the list.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Lost Google Adsense Account :(

I'm so damn worried. While looking around my blog I noticed that my adsense / ads by google links are not functioning anymore. So I tried to log in in my google adsense account but it seems that I forgot what Username. As far as I can remember I used my btg marketing email in there but I am no longer working in that company. I also remember I used my yahoo account but when I was trying to retrieve for my password they said they don't have any account using those email WHAT THE..... What should I do now? I already earned many clicks in there on all my blogs huhuhuhu... I already chatted my previous client if my btg marketing email is still working, still waiting for his reply... huhuhu

I know I didn't used this account I use here in my blog, thats pretty sure. But when I tried to log in the email that I use in this blog it says:

Account Not Active

An AdSense account does not exist for this login, as your application is currently in review. Within a week of your application date, we'll review your application and follow-up with you via email. Once you are approved to join AdSense, you'll be able to log in to your account and get started.

I dont know what to do anymore huhuhu

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