Tuesday, July 6, 2010

good gone bad

6 months, 6months away from home and lots lots of fun. Life was so perfect when I was outside philippines. Went to Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Hongkong, Macau and the next one would be china but it didn't happen. It was a great accomplishment. There so many many lots of things happened to me there. World was seem so happy and although trials came hundred times I made it through by my own. FUN FUN FUN! That was my travel was all about. Meet lots of people, discover new places and beautiful spots, that was the life I’m dreaming about. I gain weight so it means I love the things I’m doing and I’m FREE. It was ALL PERFECT~! Till I met someone, a someone that I didn’t expect that would come into my life. But then all the perfect moments has an ending.

I had an accident in macau, till now still can’t believe this is happening to me. I had my two broken bones in my right leg. In my town I never had any accident ever. But when I’m outside fate really test me. From all the bad things that happened, there’s a friend who always been there for me, her name is mich, my college classmate and friend. We’ve been there always through good times and bad times, yeah we had a fight before which is normal but still we are the one who'll understand each other. She’s my caregiver in 4 days while I’m injured in macau, she always checked my medicine, checked if I want to pee or something, she feed me with her own hands when I’m in hell pain, she was always asked me if I’m hungry which she always did before, she was my cook when I’m hungry, she's my big sister, she didn’t complain any, from that I can say you will really know your friends if something terrible happen to you. She was so worried about me, she was there and never stop telling me to take care of myself and be brave coz I went home alone. I always just tell her “I’m ok, don’t worry, I’m amie remember?”. I'm also thankful that while I’m in airplane my leg didn’t hurt, it also “go with the flow”, it didn’t give me some problem. May 29, 10p.m was my flight from macau - manila .. then May 30 , 4 a.m manila - davao, so I arrived davao airport at 6 a.m.

2 a.m -- Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) 3rd floor.
While waiting for my next flight @4am.
I'm in wheelchair and playing plants and zombies hehe :D

didn't know people sitting on the floor while waiting, this is my first time.

Mom, my middle sister and my childhood friend rachelle fetched me at the airport, guess what they already recognized me coz theres no other passenger whose in wheelchair hehe. Mom cried, we directly went to hospital and after two days (June 2, 2010) I had my operation. My precious legs are now gone, the one that I'm proud of :(. I have now 4 stitches in my leg, and 2 metal inside. 2months healing, 6 months PT and metal will remove after 1 year.

When I was at my tour, lots of people appreciate my legs, from then I always get bruises and scars, till I got allergy and irritation, it never stops till it really damage. It’s some kinda superstitious in our town that if someone appreciates any part of your body you should provoke it or else something would bad happen in it.

And I remember also when I was in macau, I do dreamed so many things especially SEA. Sea dreams means problem, it was everyday. One day I dreamed of a sea and a boat, inside the boat was my closest uncle and my oldest sister, they trying to save me coz I’m about to sink. My uncle hold my right leg for me to save. And now this is it. It means I would have a problem in my right leg, and this is what happened. That’s why I’m afraid of my dreams coz it’s already proven and tested since I was a kid, when I dream it will happen and it has a meaning.

Now I’m back to reality, back to zero. I don’t know what will happen to me next. My uncle still doesn’t know any. When he’ll back home this August I know he would be shock and angry. Because I’m his favorite niece and he always worried about my being “traveler” and mom told me I’m her “prodigal daughter”. Well what else can I say?

I want to thank also all my room mates -- they carry me with a chair from the apartment to the car, I’m heavy though., to tita the owner of the house – check me every time to time etc. , to friend of tita who was very concern in me- the Chinese translator – the one who bought my crutches etc. - which I forgot the name, and the Portuguese boyfriend of my other room mate who offer to drive me to the airport – the one who fix my accident concerns etc.. They fix all my airport matters, they didn’t get out till I disappeared in their eyes. To te shaw who always check me if I still crying in pain, who talk to him and to our friends. I WILL NEVER FORGET YOU GUYS IN ALL THE THINGS YOU'D DONE TO ME!! I WILL RETURN ONE DAY . I’ll be back there. Wait till I can walk again.. mwah mwah mwah..




I know everything happens for a reason and I accept this
shocking accident in my life. I will get better i'll promise you that :)

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