Sunday, May 9, 2010

boys will always be boys, they always change their toys

the most crowded part (gimikan -- night outs) of hongkong -LAN KWAI FONG- where you can meet so many many handsome white guys but not a serious type of guys SO BEWARE...

i stayed in hongkong for 1 month then i met so many many many guys and they are all white.. from spain, holland, UK, london, australia, US, finland etc. there are so many foreigners in there. I don't even realize that its a chinese country because all i saw was definitely white..i thought they're nice but yeah they are but i always saw them in any bars with different girls... They are HOOKERS.

before i thought white people are loyal thats why i dont like guys from philippines anymore. But now i discover they are more UNLOYAL than anybody else... they're all SUCKS.. they're all worst than i ever expected... they like hello now and tomorrow goodbye.. they are the most playboy, chickboy guys in the earth.... correct me if im wrong but that's what i've experience here in hongkong... STUPID but thats the TRUTH.

now i know why my friend told me .. NEVER FALL IN LOVE WITH WHITE GUYS BECAUSE THEY ARE THE WORST PEOPLE IN THE WORLD... i didnt listen to her before but now I AGREE....

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