Monday, February 22, 2010

Pinoy Discrimination

Now I realized and experienced about the things that people say about pinoy discrimination.. Before I was like.. NAH! That's not ture and Not all... But now, I definitely believe it.

I was in asian country (which I will not mention the name) last february to see the beauty of their beaches there, cause I've heard a lot of beautiful things of a one resort so before going home to Philippines, I need some proof about those positive talks about it. But when me and my friend was there I was so deeply disappointed. They hold us at Immigration. I was like WHAT WAS GOING ON?! They keep on holding, and reading our passport. Lot of things they questioned till we end up in the office. In there, a man interviewed us so many things like, what we gonna do there, are we going to work there, why blah blah... The fuck was wrong with it? They underestimate us. We just want to go swimming duh! The worst was we were just the only one they hold because we are just the only filipino who visits there. Most of them are foreigners, singaporean, chinese I think etc. and look WHY WE GONNA WORK IN THERE HUH?

I was wondering why only us? Because we are Filipino? Do we have no right to join the fun? I keep on telling the man that we are just only here to go swimming and after 3days we will be back home?! WHAT'S WRONG WITH IT?! Do we look like something that would harm in their country?! I WAS REALLY REALLY PISSED OFF!! I mean...WHY ARE THEY LIKE THAT?! SEE? thinking negative things even we'd done nothing wrong.. If it's wrong to visit there then I'm off to that! We just want to have some fun.. We show them our hotel accomodation, tickets back to phil. and they said they'll gonna check the hotel if we were there... Then I said "Sure you can check every minute if you want, no problem with me." See?

After a long conversation, I think 1 hour plus, we paid the penalty something he said then he gave us a 1month stay.. But as what I've said we will just be there for only 3days. When we get back after 3days, I saw those guys from immigration, they keep on smiling to us. And I was said like "SEE?! NOW WHAT?!". Then someone talked to us and I said.."SEE? I TOLD YOU? IM NOT A LIAR. DON'T GENERALIZE FILIPINO". Then I said "If you go to philippines just contact me :D"..

But you know what till now I'm still so confused about what happened. I'm so blind about what filipino done why they're like that. I mean, what's wrong with the world?!

For me about what happened was an INSULT!

What if one day that thing will also happen to you?! Filipino are degraded in other country :(


Tuesday, February 16, 2010

PINOY WILL ALWAYS BE PINOY.. Wherever you are, whatever you are, who you are, what you have!!


"PINOY KAPWA PINOY ANG SISIRA SA INYO KUNG MAG AABROAD KAYO". Now this phrase is true. You won't believe unless you experienced it.

People telling lies about you. Yes, I'm good or would humbly accept if its true, the worst is ... its a FALSE ALARM! They are all STORY MAKER!!!

WHAT THE HECK WAS WRONG WITH THESE PEOPLE?!! Pare pareho lang naman tayo dito nagtatrabaho ah. Why can't they just mind their own business. We don't even care the fuck is going on in their lives, but then when it comes to us?! DAMN! We don't have the right to speak, can't explain our side because in their eyes WE ARE ALWAYS WRONG!!! Especially ME!!! and they're the (quote and quote " BOSS ")!! eat me huh!

Look! this is the only thing I can say... "TIME WILL COME AND YOU WILL SEE... WHAT GOES AROUND COMES AROUND... panahon pa ninyo ngayon pero tandaan niyo to, dadating din ang araw ng katapusan niyo!!!

That's what I'm saying you can't trust anybody in abroad. You wouldn't know who's the shark in the house, until they stab you at the back!

They are not the one who feed us for free. We ourselves feed ourselves and of course their business. We can die right then and there because of this work ... hindin naman sila ang bumubuhay samin eh.. pinaghihirapan pa namin yung mga kinita namin... sila din naman ang nakikinabang ah.. except nalng kung binibigayn lang nila kami ng pera... They just only think about their own credit they don't even care about our feelings... Then they always slap us the word RESPECT! hey! Respect us also so that we will respect you... and please don't act like you are not also came from a dirty one. Look at the other people in that business.. It's not only me who done fucking things in that bullshit fucking business. Don't treat me like a fool, look around in your own playground... clean first your backyard or your close employees backyard before you clean mine! You don't know who I am!!

TANG INA! They just proven that they are uneducated person!! ang tsismosa, naghahanap ng butas, maliit na bagay pinapalaki, mga bungangera! tapos sasabihin pa sinisira daw ang pangalan ng business... huh eto lang masasabi ko.. hindi pa yan.. talagang masisira yan ng tuluyan! NAKU SINASABI KO SA INYO! MAY KATAPUSAN ANG LAHAT!

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