Monday, October 12, 2009

Do you believe in MAYAN CALENDER???

Have you heard about Mayan Calendar?? It says that something terrible would happen in 2012 because that's the time the planet where going to align and this could only happen once in a 25,800 years.

And 2012 also mentioned last apparition of Our Lady of Fatima in Portugal last 1917 with the 3 little kids (you know who are they?? Lucia, Francisco and Jacinta -- how can I forget that) says that before 2012 there will be MORE CALAMITIES to come and I think it's already happening today... especially here in the Philippines.. This is our first time having two typhoon in just a couple of days and causing too much damage...

Our Lady of Fatima also gave the children about the 3 secrets and 2 of them was already happened. The third one is not yet which is.. the "anti-christ pope". It is written in the bible, the lost book of Nostradamus and even those ancient people who made a lot of prophecies.. they have the same views of the future and some of them are already done. Do you think it's a co-incidence?? or really a prophecy?!

True or not atleast we are aware, we must be PREPARED! We must REPENT! So that REGRET will not happen in the END. Well, you wouldn't loose anything if you believe... I can't say I "believe" and I can't say I "doubt" about it, it just that only God knows WHEN.. It's a little creepy that there would be something would happen in 2012 coz you can connect on what's the apparition said, nostradamus said and the mayan said ayt?! Whatever it is, we must wait and see and of course PRAY that's the important thing. If its "not going to be done "then we are lucky, and if its "going to be done" then WE ARE DONE!

Anyway there's a Movie 2012 will be filmed this coming November 2009 says it was based on Mayan Calendar but the director "Roland Emmerich" says that he don't believe in that stuff, he just wanted to create something like this...

The Soundtrack of 2010 was sang by Adam Lambert which is I really adore his voice.. I don't care if he's gay, what matters to me is his voice and taste when it comes to music... I love this guy or gay hehe...

and if you don't know about mayan calendar, you can see it here...

Here's the link of "The Lost Book of Nostradamus"

Friday, October 2, 2009

Creativity with Sand

Oh how I love art and music! Creativity never dies… Have you heard about Ilana Yahav? A famous sand artist! There are so many talented people here on earth and I'm happy to see their works.

Hmmm as far as I can remember, I do have drawings before when I was in high school. It’s a Flame of Recca character a Japanese cartoon, but the saddest thing.. I can’t retrieve where the hell was it. Hahays :( . That’s the only drawing I have :(

Btw, here's one of Ilana Yahav amazing works :)
The Latest one named
"You've got a Friend"

You can also visit her website at www.sandfantasy.com

and of course have you heard about VOCA PEOPLE? Here they are...

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