Sunday, June 28, 2009

Fire in the Sky : Asteroid? or just a Jet Engine?

While reading some of michael jackson's news all over internet, *sigh* my sister shared something that break my "seriousness" aheeee..

It's a fireball in the sky..

Hope nobody got hurt when that thing landed.

"It's not San Telmo either hihi"
An Amateur videographer have filmed an impressive fireball that traveled the skies of France in June 2009. The ball of fire then disappeared behind the trees. According to their comments it is not an airplane, This fireball is like having an object through the atmosphere unless it is-an airplane? Would it be a UFO? I did not find more information on this video. - science-hub.com

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Guitar Hero Music Award 2009

INCUBUS has been nominated for the Guitar Hero Smash Hits Awards in Best Breakdown and Song of the Year category and yeah so obvious I voted them hihi! I'm so excited about this coz really I'm a fan of Guitar Hero hehe.. though I don't even get a chance to smash it coz I don't know how to play guitar haha poor me :( .. Infairness they got awesome artists here, almost all of them are my favorite but then I'll stick to Incubus aheeeee :D.. saon nlang si fafa brandon :D

Just CLICK THE PICTURE to vote also your favorite artist

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