Sunday, January 25, 2009


Whew~! though I'm so worried about my baggage coz I know I'll exceed 18 kilos so I decided to just "hand carry" the 8kilo-baggage huhuhu ataya ani oi~! They only allowed 15kilos then the excess will be worth 100 pesos/kilo pasabta ko ani purdoy man pud ta oi embes kay nagkabuang nakog kinuripot ani huhuhuhuhu. But then I saw that Ate Bingkee gave me a CUTE BLOG AWARD and I'm so happy and now I'm worry free aheeeee~! Unya na ng bagahe beh kay mag post sako hehehe bayad nalng jud ko ani no choice paita ani oi huhu.


So I need to list my ten random facts about this called "CUTE BLOGGER" aheeee liwat sa tag iya haha, sa masuya lang aheeee~!. So isep-isep sa akonch~! hmmmm.. Come what may aheeee~! go go go

1) I love color RED coz it symbolize "STRONG" and I know I am a strong woman aheeee. and I have a very curly hair when I was a kid hehe. as in lingin2 jud hehe. and I love finding nemo aheee

2) I always forgot where I put my things on kay burara man mao na. Bisag asa rajud nko ipamutang, kung asa ko nagtindog didto rapud nko ibutang tpos taud2 muingon daun "ASA AKONG KUAN?"~! BANG~! tukar ang sakit aheeee.

3) My friends call me MIMOT but my relatives call me MUMU hehehe.

4) When I was a kid I joined LITTLE MISS PHILIPPINES haha. My talent should be dancing with the music of STEP BY STEP (oh baby)grabe pa naman practice ko non, but then my mom forgot to bring the tape, so I just copied contestant #1's talent which is singing hahaha (I forgot what song was that) that's why I did not won. Lagot man gud ni si mader ba tuloy2 na unta ko sa jackpot round hahahaha. And How can I forget the question and answer portion hahaha "What if naiwan ng dalawa mong ate (coz they know I have 2 elder sister) ang baon nila sa bahay niyo nong papunta sila sa school anong gagawin mo?" ang tubag sa cute na mimot "ipapahatid ko po sa nagdedeliver ng pan sa amin haha(coz before we have sari-sari store and we have a permanent delivery of bread, he was riding a single motor with two flying basket side by side full of bread hahahaa). Ibibigay ko po sa kanya then sabihin na pakihatid sa mga ate ko kasi nagugutom na sila." hahaha what an answer. Now I believe "musultig tinuod ang bata" hahahaha. werla

Then my teacher always choose me to be one of the representative of MS. UN when I was in elementary. haha Di ako nananalo eh, nalilimutan ko kasi country ko, then naka gown nga ako naka boots naman ang sapatos hahaha then with all the pink blush on circle in my cheek ahahaha. mura jud kog tala naa jud koy pic hahaha..
5) I'm so "langi" to my sisters and my mother also hehe. I always lambing them when I need something hehehe (plastikan) hahaha.

6) I cry when I cant sleep if one of my family is noisy. Then my sister will say "saba mo ba kay naghilak si mumu di katulog kay saba kaau mo". Then after that they keep their mouth shut aheeee~! then makatulog daun ko hehe

7) When I was a kid I always play my mom's breast hahaha.Pero dili na karon ha pasabta ko. Kron kay sungog2gon ko sakong mga ate maglagot jud ko ai. Then also I cried when my mom is not sleeping in my side with me, if I woke up and she's not there I was crying entering her room and I let her go back to my bed and sleep with me aheeee~!

8) My two sister keep on laughing when they remember something about me when I was a kid. Its when I fell asleep while watching TV in our sala. Then if they wake me up, I walked alone to the kitchen without opening my eyes and they will shout "hindi diyan ang kwarto" then mag U-TURN daw ako papunta sa bedroom then hihiga (in short nagpiyong makatuod sa dalan ahahaha) sleep walker pasbta. They always teased me about that mag sige nalng mi pangatawa tulo sa kwarto pag magtapok mi. Then sometimes my father carry me to my bedroom when I fell asleep again while watching TV. Hingatugon mag tan aw haha

9) My mom and sister always told me about my cute things happened when I was a kid. They said that there are times that when I like to be a flower girl in my aunt's wedding, but the flower girl's position was already complete, I was crying and crying and crying so sabi nlng ni mama, "sige flower girl kana wag kanang umiyak mamake-upon na kita ha" tpos tatahan nadaw ako, I have picture here kataw anan kaau akong nawong pink kaaug aping hahaha.

Then I still remember when I was 6-yr-old I drive the P.U car of our neighbor together with my playmates at nahulog kami sa kanal hahaha. mirisi mga kiatan man hurawan kaau na mga bata hehe.

Then when I was in grade 3 there's this cute guy from our school who has crush on me aheeee uwagan ka mimot. He always left chocolate, flowers and 20 pesos in my table sometimes inaabot niya sa window sa classroom while nagkaklase kami. then sasabihin ng teacher ko "o rivas my dalaw ka", iyak nalng ako ng iyak hahaha. then ang kakain ng chocolate ko ay ang matata kong classmate perti na mga bata. Then we used to go home together. CHAROT~! huna2a grade 3 nanguwag nko hahaha. KAIGAT~! ahahahahaha. dili oi halinon lang jud ko sa una ahahah. karon diay? aw ambot halinon pa ba kaha ko karon? ahahahahah inigat nalang ahahahahahaha, ataya sige nuon kog katawa da.

10) I wrote 10 poems before when I was inlove with my FIRST LOVE. hahahaha. And this is the most unforgettable things that happened to me when I was in elementary. Lagi akong nasa huli, pinaka last nakaupo sa classroom kasi nga daw maingay ako sa katabi ko hindi daw ako nakikinig, natapunan na ako ng eraser before and when I was in grade 3 I cried because I dont have WITH HONOR ahahaha then my asked my teacher why I dont have WITH HONOR then she says "kung may top1 sa pagiging maingay ibibigay ko sayo" no reaction ako. humanda ka maam hahahaha.

Kanang pwede dungagan? hahahaha

Well that's all as of now as far as I can remember the cute things about me ahahaha cute bajud? o telenovela ni hmmmm.. PILYO jud kaau ko na bata sa una hahaha, actually there are more cute things in me now (in present) pero mas na cucutetan ako when I was a kid aheeee~!. creative din hehehe.

So I want to share this REWARD to my cute friends pero mas cute ko

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Nedd to go now baka ma late ako sa flight ko hehe. see yah guys mwah :)

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Status: I'M SINGLE

I made this video coz I'm doing nothing hehe. Anyway this is for all "SINGLE" in the world aheeee~! and I'm one of them. I love the lyrics hehehe hope you like it :) I KNOW I'LL SETTLE DOWN ONE DAY aheee~! If you are agree or not well it's free to HOLLA BACK~!


Friday, January 16, 2009

The lucky # of david cook

I remember DAVID COOK coz actually I miss him seeing in TV hehe. I watched American Idol Season 7 coz of him. He's one of my bet. First was Michael John.

I reviewed earlier all of his video from the day of audition to finals and I just noticed one thing, and it was his #. I didn't notice this before. LOOK~!!!!

HIS NO. is 36214 which actually a very very very amazing #! haha :D.. 362 is our house no. here in our village and 14 is my hell damn favorite # since I was a kid.. hahahaha. Weird isn't it? NO WONDER HE'S THE CHAMPION hahahaha coz he wears the most POWERFUL # IN THE WORLD HAHAHAHA ay nag palag dira ayp~! hahaha

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

someone say something that make me smile

I just can't stop myself to read these lines again and again and again aheee~! It's a nice feeling reading some touching words about me from someone. *mimot crying* hehe

This is from Ate Bingkee from her post about Blog Love Award, it says:

"Mimot, a lithsome, vivacious young lass who authors "My New Way of Living"... Her URL is "warmthmissbliss" which aptly describes her personality---she gives warmth and radiates bliss to everybody."

Hahay.. sometimes I read that when I feel like "the sadness" is "attempting to visit" haha what a word heheh murag unggo haha.

Well anyway, it gives smile on my face!!! :D


GUILTY? hehe

Applying online: SO HARD TO TRUST

Is it safe to apply job online? I always try my luck to apply nice job in other country especially Europe coz it's one of my dreams. I have this site, I always check opportunities there and if the job offer is interesting I automatically send my resume and application form. Days passed, I received an email from one of them and it says that I am qualified for the said position. As a person of course I’m happy and excited knowing that this could be a dream come true. I asked my sister about the information they sent. One day, I received an email again from them that I should contact their office in a way that we can talk the procedure, so I add them in my ym and skype. I message first and we talked a lot especially on the said opportunity. According to them I have an employer waiting for me and it was all expense paid, so I need to compile my documents as soon as possible before the January 2009 end. In the middle of the conversation I suddenly asked “who is my employer?” and they said that they will only reveal it after the compilation of the documents. Me and my sis searched a lot in that said -- I think “agency” in London. The name, the site that they have given etc.. I saw a positive feedback, negative feedback, but there are info’s that doesn’t exist in internet. I asked them also about the name of the company that I'm applying for and again they told me that they will only reveal it if I can complete my documents. So me and my sis doubt about it and we just go with the flow. They said that I should pay 40 pounds (Php 2,000 plus) for the working permit that they will issue in Bulgaria coz according to them issuing permit there is cheap. We keep on searching searching and searching para maniguro. My mom told me to get some advice from her friend that already experienced a lot when it comes to this situation (my mom is "ANTI-abroad" to me hahay). So my sis and my mom’s friend talked. They keep on talking while I’m chatting with the said office. After their conversation my sis told me to ask them if they have toll free but they can’t give me one and they gave me the reasons why. So we doubt completely and we ignore it. My sis also told me that they should have called me not just in chatting. We test them that we will call the bulgaria tel.# for the confirmation and they said OK. But we never did.

I was thinking if it’s true or not... knowing that I’m the one who applied in that popular site long time ago. Is it possible that an illegal recruiter can post jobs in job site? Is there any security or evidence that the job site will ask to their employer for the safeness of applicants?

Until now they still keep on sending emails that I should complete my documents because my employer is still waiting and the position is still vacant. That my official application package preparation is at its final stage and if I will give up my application I will inform them so that they can offer the said position to other user of their site. And it keeps on tempting me. Huhuhu

Their sources also are not reliable.

But I wonder, why is it they just keep on sending me emails instead of leaving message in ym knowing that they always saw me online?...hmmmm

Should I ignore it or what? I don’t know…

But last last week I searched again on that popular job site and I saw another interesting opportunity. I keep on sending resume to those positions that I like. Then weeks after, I received an email from one of them last January 9 and I only read it today. It’s from the popular fashion brand. I am so happy, they also attached the employment agreement. I searched, the address is the same but not with the tel.# that’s written in the sender. I also searched the name of the Managing Director that listed in the email but I read that the “NAME” is already quit in that fashion brand. He stepped down coz he wants to enjoy his life in New York and it was effective last Dec. 31. Starting January 1 the Managing Director of the said brand is handled by another person. THE HECK~!!!. That’s why my sis told me to search the toll free and she will call it later when she gets home for the confirmation. I also told my aunt (friend) in Spain if she can call that popular brand to confirm also.

Now I don’t know if I will try again to apply online. Knowing that applying online job is easier but then *sigh* it is not safe.

Hahay saon nlng…nus a kaya mahitabo ang akong mga dreams *mimot dreaming* basig hangtod dream2 lang atong drama ani aheee~! cge lang bahala nag naka experienced ko aning ATIK bani o dili chokehe lang. POSITIVE ug padayon gihapon weeeee~! pagsubok lang etetch... part lang ni sa akong life aheee~! go go go..

Monday, January 12, 2009


I love my college life. FULL OF LAUGHTER SUPER~!!!


I was listening music while doing some net stuff then suddenly I reached the recorded funny thing when we were in 3rd year college in our classroom. I was singing and we keep on laughing while mae ann and padao keep on cheering hahahaha. I just can’t stop myself but to laugh also in those funny voices. Nag sige jud kog katawa ambot nlng jud.

Then after that I viewed some pictures when we were in college. I love my college life. FULL OF LAUGHTER SUPER~!!!

I made some tribute hahahaha..

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Naging Buo Ulit, Di mapantayan ang saya pag tayo'y sama2

Anyway, I can't sleep coz na mi miss ko mga friend ko. Last Christmas and New Year lang kami naging kumpleto ulit. After graduation nag kanya2ng buhay na kami, kanya2ng trabaho. Dami ng pinagdaanan. Share2 kami sa mga experiences namin while nagkalayo kami for 2years. Hahayz.

Mahal na mahal ko talaga mga friend ko. Although oo ang dami ko ng na meet, dami na akong nahalobilo, dami ko ng taong laging kasama pero iba pa rin yung dati mong kaibigan. Sila yung masasabi kong "more than sisters" na talaga. Sila lang yung taong nakakaintindi saken, sila yung taong di ako jinujudge, pag sila kasama ko kampante ako, di ako nahihiya, hindi limitado kilos ko. Kasi sa amin tanggap lahat kung sino man kami. Uu hindi kami malinis at hindi rin kami nagmamalinis. Hindi kami santa mga santa santita lang hehe. Halos lahat na siguro ng kabalastugan ginawa na namin, lahat ng bawal, lahat ng mali nagawa na namin. Pero walang sumbatan, walang sisihan, walang laglagan. Never ko narinig sa kanila yung "magbago ka para umasenso ka", "mali yang ginagawa mo", "ang pangit ng ugali mo" etc. Never na never ko narinig sa kanila yan kasi sa amin. TANGGAP lahat lahat, kung ano ka, kung sino ka, kung anong meron sayo etc. LAHAT LAHAT. Hindi sa tinotolerate namin mga ugali namin, nagkakasundo lang talaga kami sa lahat ng bagay.

Kung may pagkakamali ang isa pinapayohan pero dinadamayan paren, kung may problema ready makinig kahit busy. When it comes to lovelife sinusuportahan basta masaya siya.


Nong nagkalayo kami after graduation tawagan lang kami. Kahit nasa barko na si zenith tinatawagan niya paren kami kumustahan ganito ganyan.. Hahayz..

PILYO talaga kami sobraaa pero hindi kami mga adik noh. Yung tipo na hindi nila sinasaktan damdamin mo kahit gaano kamali o karumi ng ginawa mo. Parang lahat "ok lang yan" parang ganun. Walang bukohan sa amin, thru thick and thin talaga anjan kami palagi. Kahit wala kaming pera nuon happy kami. Minsan nga gumigimik kami nuon 50pesos lang yung laman ng pitaka namin. PERO MASAYA KAMI. Kung anong meron sa isa meron lahat. Share share talaga. Walang madamot. Minsan nagtatampuhan which is part talaga ng pagkakaibigan pero maya2 ok na naman. Hahayz..

Nakakamiss yung mga stupid things na ginagawa namin nuon. Nag 123 sa sinehan haha, nag 123 sa disco houses etc..which is trip lang namin..yun mga tipong ganun. Kahit anong trip lang kasi naiisipan namin eh hehe. Para kaming mga highschool. Bulakbol sa klase, ewan ko ba. Pero masaya.

Nakakatuwa lang nuong kumpleto kami nong birthday ni zenith last Dec.28 kasi nagkwekwentohan kami yung mga kabalastugan ginawa nmin nuon. Yung nakakadiskarte kami lahat kahit walang pera. Yung di tipo ang ka date dinadala kami lahat, yung ganun hahaha. Sarap pakinggan yung pinag uusapan ninyo ang NUON tapos halakhakan. Iba ang halakhak ng kaibigan. Nag "baby shower" din kami, lahat kami nagregalo para kay incoming baby boy Kenzoe, happy masyado si mommy zenith hehe.

Ngayon na mimiss ko sila. Kelan nanaman kaya kami magiging kumpleto. Siguro sa binyag ng magiging anak ni zenith na si Kenzoe. Di ko na nga ma imagine what if kami may mga sariling pamilya na at mga anak. Naku "boya" talaga labas niyan hehehe. Gimik with mga anak ahaha.

Si zenith last january 5 nagchat kmi na miss niya daw agad kami lahat. Kasi masaya talaga super pag kami nagkakasama.

"Naalala ko tuloy mga parents namin medyo nagseselos na kasi kaibigan lang palagi kasama. Minsan din mga parents namin fc fc na hehe."

Hindi ko pinagsisihan lahat ng pinagdaanan ko. Kahit malungkot man yun masaya paren. Na enjoy ko talaga ang pagiging teenager ko. Kahit ngayon. As in napuslan jud. I LIVE MY LIFE TO THE FULLEST COZ LIFE IS TOO SHORT.

Masaya ako, masaya kami kahit magkalayo man kami alam namin mahal namin ang isa't isa.

"FRIENDS PARIN. KITA KITS" - linya namin nung magkasama kami lahat.

Kahit two weeks lang kami nagkasama2 na enjoy talaga namin. 2days lang ako di umalis ng bahay. Nong Dec. 26 and January 1 hehe. Naiintindihan naman din ng mga parents namin kasi minsan lang kami kumpleto. Dami naming pinuntahan kapagod na isulat hehehe. Bsta yun na yun aheee~!

Ngayon medyo asenso na mga lola kanya2ng libre na. Nakakatuwa talaga. Masaya. Masayang masaya. More than a family.

Kahit ganito lang kami, masasabi ko MGA MABABAIT TALAGA KAMI.

Blog Love Award

Thanks to my officemates / friends Lyra and Raquel for this AWARD "Blog Love Award". Enks you so much girls weee... Miss you na.

I want to share this award to Ate Bingkee coz I really love her blog so much, to Ate Illynn and to my college classmate friend Hazel. Hope you'll like it :D

Please follow the rules below.

1. Put the logo in your blog.
2. Add a link to the person who shared it with you.
3. Pass this award to your BLOG LOVER Friends.
4. Add your link to the list of participants below.
5. Leave a message for your nominee on their blog.

Blog Lovers:

Blogger's Lair | The World of Nothing |The Macky That Doesn't Exist | The Spoiled but Not a Brat | Holding On |The Mark of An Explorer |Feel Free | Shout Out | Proud to be Filipina's Corner | __ New Way of Living __


Another tag from Ate Bingkee aheee~! Nice Nice Nice.. humanda ni ron… hehehe

A - Attached or Single? - Ahem~! Single? Hahahaha ssshhhh
B - Best Friend? - Lots of friends super hehehe. I love those who loves me a hundred folds charing~!
C - Cake or pie? - Nope. I’m not into sweet foods.
D - Day of choice? - Saturday weeeee. I love weekends.
E - Essential item? – Toothbrush and cellphone of course
F - Favorite Color? - Red and black
G - Gummy Bears or Worms? -Gummy Bears
H - Hometown? - Durian (Davao City)
I - Indulgence? - Long sleep hehe
J - June or July? - June June haha.. name ata yun jun-jun hehe
K - Kids ? - Hopefully, someday. I love to have twins - boy and girl :D
L - Life is not complete w/o - God, Friends and family
M - Marriage date? - Hala oi single aheee~! but hmmm.. maybe feb14 hehe para sweet~!
N - Number of magazine – was ni isa
O - Orange or apple? - Orange
P - Phobias? - Dogs. Talawan jud kog iro ambot nlng jud pero cutetan ko sa ilaha aheee~! and snake huhuhuhu
Q - Quotes? – While Young Enjoy~! , & You can say anything about me but I am what I am and that's something that you can never be~! |
R - Reason to smile? - Ambot, tanan. Sige raman kog tisngi hehehe happy person me weee
S - Season of choice? - Summer coz I love beaches
T - Tag 5 people - Raquel, Lyra, Joy, Molit, Aubrey
U - Unknown fact about me - Lusyang pag naa sa balay haha ssshhhh
V - Vegetable? - Yep yep yep, vegetarian at home ahee~!. I can only eat meat outside or if there's a party.
W - Worst habit? – Tungabon ang redhorse haha. But I'm not alcoholic. I got that from my friend from Poland, grabe siya walang baso pag mag-inuman. Pero ngayon hindi na ako umiinom mesyedo (occasionally nalang) good girl na ako ngayon aheee~!
X - Xray or ultrasound? - Both. Yung time of my operation (twice) huhu
Y - Your favorite foods? – hala daghan baya hehe. Palabok jud.
Z - Zodiac sign - Aries

I had fun doing these that even if I have not tagged you, you are free to go ahead and do this tag on your site.

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