Saturday, November 29, 2008


At long last, wait is over for TWILIGHT!!!

I just arrived home, we watched twilight with my friends, FINALLY!!!

It was crowded!! As in! Most of them was in standing position, there are also sat on the floor. Thank God we sat down properly haha coz we were there when the last batch finally over hehe.

All I can say is that I’m in love with Edward’s character (Oh God now I'm in highschool haha). I know girls go crazy over Robert Pattinson but me?! Yeah he has this charisma, the sex appeal but still I’m in love with Edward hehe. He (Robert) just knows how to handle it. He carries the character so damn real as if he’s the real Edward.

The Edward, is the man that I dreamt of, the character itself, not being played by Robert. I did not expect that’s the attitude of Edward in the movie or novel. Yeah I know book is better than movie but then … Oh God I was melting! I love the way He stares damn it! huhu. Guy’s eye is really my weakness hehe.

The lines that he used there was such a heart whelming one as in nakakakilig natalo ang Romeo and Juliet hehe, feeling ko bumalik ako sa pagkabata hehe.

I am still wishing that someday I’ll meet a guy who will treat me as his life not as his girlfriend. Who will always be there for me, to fight for me, to love me, to protect me, proud to be part of his family and to know that I’m safe when I’m with him, a mysterious guy.. hahay.. Yeah seriously, no kidding, I was praying for a guy like him long long time ago (Edward – not as a vampire), You feel me??. . I just called it coincidence. I am no luck when it comes to love or relationship, anyway so much to explain.

I really had mixed emotions after. I am still having hangover at this time hehe.

I have no idea what’s the whole story of twilight. All I know is that a vampire is in love to a human and that’s it. I’m in love with the movie before because… I don’t know haha. It was my older sister, she introduced it to me coz she's the twilight fanatic not me. He already read the book coz she loves book and I'm not and when I saw the trailer... BOOM! the gorgeous guy push the car with his own hand and hmmm that's interesting! and people keep on talking about it and that's it!

I don’t know what to say anymore hahayz..

He (Edward) will remind me of someone and that someone is the man that I need, the man who's still a question mark (?). I know one day in a perfect time, our path will cross and if that happens, I will keep him forever. It’s not because the story influenced me, it was just that the man that I’m praying for has something in common of Edward’s character, you know what I mean?

I don’t know if there’s still someone like him. I think NONE hehe. I don’t think so… Maybe and Hopefully hehe

Friday, November 28, 2008

Smallest Camera In the World

This is REAL! This is really the smallest camera in the world by Nikon.
Binuang mani oi! hehe
Where did I get this? haha I forgot!hmmm

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Unrated Movie

OMG! My heart keeps pounding right now!!! I was just finished watching RUINS. Whew! What a movie! It’s really nice. NAPANGANGA jud ko! It’s not a horror film, I don’t know what is it.

I always heard this from my former officemates. I always teased them like ROUNIN (it’s a Filipino telenovela and I don’t like it) because they have the same sound. I don’t even know the spelling of it. I don’t have any plan to watch that coz I don’t have any idea, I don’t even know it exist. In short, I'm not interested!

I’m about to buy BODY OF LIES but then it is not yet available. I picked up a dvd copy (you already know what i mean haha) a small one with a blue plastic cover. They told me it's super clear and they got it right. It’s super duper clear as in orig na orig ang dating hehe. Then I saw the name UNRATED THE RUINS (sounds like this is what they always talked about) it says that there’s “UNRATED WITH SCENES TOO INTENSE FOR THEATERS” whew! So I bought it!!!

AND WHALLA!!!! *MIMOT PANTING * Lahi rajud siya.

Now I'm afraid on plants hahaha! Paranoid!

I saw this one.

I didn’t see any raining scene in dvd? How about in movie theater? Is this ruins part 2? Hmmmm?

It's Raquela's Beerday! hehe

Yesterday was Raquel’s Birthday. I thought her birthday was last 25 hehehe. She was planning to have breakfast with my former officemates too. So she told me if I could come over knowing its too early 7am coz there are all in graveyard shift. So I told her OK I will wake up early just for her birthday, because she’s special to me.

It was raining when I woke up around 6:30am so lami kaau itulog, then I leave about 8am. When I got there they are all staring at me and teased me blah blah blah I knew this gonna be happen hahaha. I was kinda shy that time char! naa pa diay ko ana?! ahahaha. They said I gained weight weeee!!! Likeness!

We are still noisy as usual nothings change hehehe. I miss them.

Friday, November 21, 2008

weee hmmmm NEW NEW NEW weeeee

hahayz! Thank God~! It's friday. Gonna go to the BEACH tomorrow weeeeeeeee... and hmmmm 13 more days to go nalang before our Cebu - Bohol Trip with my officemates weeeeeeeee exciting!!..

You know what, I just love taking photos nowadays? WHY?!haha. I just can't help myself haha.. Knowing that I'm not vain haha.. I'm kinda camera shy char! though I love taking pictures hehe (ingna pangit jud ka picturan haha).

Anyway I just love mah face when I woke up early in the morning hahaha IGNORANTE mao run!

By the way I have my new stuff!!!! TSENEN!!!

I bought it yesterday when I received my salary.. I just loved it! coz of the color RED haha. I was confused of buying the TOUCH SCREEN style or this one. Kung red lang yung touchscreen binili ko na agad yun pero hindi eh hehe. Then parang mahihirapan ako nun kasi slim siya pero mas sosyal siya tignan (ingna ignorante napud kag touchscreen haha)..

Anyway this is MP5 with 1GIG memory expandable (gonna buy memory card weeee). It has a video player, audio player, picture preview, camera, DV, Audio Record, Games, Learning - such as Ebook (charing!). Tool - like (calculator, notepad, etc.), and System Set-Up. You can plug it on TV or component (hmmm parang PSP toinks). This is very affordable. SWEAR!!! Basta!!! Cheap-barato-mura as in jud wakikiki (thanks to my beautiful friend mitch haha, gihangyo niyag taman ang tag iya hehehe). This is japan made. Very saleable, there are lots of styles, and people prefer buying mp5 from that store. Weeeehhheeee wala lang palit lang gud ko! Ganahan man ko beh bleh hehehe

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


It’s been 3 days since I left my night shift job, FINALLY!!! . One year of sleeping disorder is enough huhu… I miss my officemates, the giggle, “kabuang, buhakhak etc” that’s the saddest part of it but also I miss sleeping in night. It’s a great feeling that now I’m back to my normal routine. I miss my bed while sleeping under the moon's cold breeze than facing computer and sleeping in my table hahay sakit2 ra sa likod. Lahi rajud ang tulog sa gabie ug buntag! :(

I’ll gain weight, hopefully!! weeeheee CAN’T WAIT wakekeke. KAON, TULOG weeeee and other trip hmmmm… WORK?! Nah! Don’t worry about it.. Just have faith ukiduki? ;)

By the way I took photos when I woke up from my nice, smooth, silent sleep :D

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Can't get rid of annoying toothache

PAKSHET!!! I really really have a bad toothache!!! huhu. I can't work well, I can't sleep well coz my neck also is aching coz of this small table hahay.. I don't know how to get rid of it. I have mefenamic which I have taken but it doesnt seem to work huhu.. I always push my right face just to lessen the pain huhu.

My toothache started last month but it's tolerable, not this time. I don't know how to explain this, I don't have hole but I have pasta. I think the pain is came from inside the pasta “sa ilalom” huhu. Its been how many months since my last visit to my dentist. It should be every month, coz I'm in the process for having a braces, but laziness visits me every month that's why I wasn't able to continue it.

I have also a hole on the right upper side “kay natanggal ang pasta” huhu.. On the left down side also I have this big hole because my dentist put a temporary pasta last 4months ago. She must put a permanent pasta after a month ago but then I didn't show up. I never felt any pain from those teeth with a hole instead I'm suffering for the pain of a tooth without a hole. Damn!!!

I must need to go to my dentist next week and continue to fix my teeth for braces.. huhuhu

By the way, last night after the meeting, I ate chicken and for God's sake I jump of the pain coz when I bite it, the hole on my upper right side hit it so badly huhuhu...

According to the yahoo answers the best way to get rid of the horrible toothache is this called CLOVE OIL -- This is the best answer that chosen by the voters: "oil of cloves are spot on it will kill the pain but it has two horrible side effects one your breath smells yuk the second is if the tooth has a hole in it to the nerve the instant you apply the oil you will jump through the roof in pain however it's only for a second then it go's numb for up to twelve hours or more ( I use it it works ) ps if your not as courage's you can try crushing aspirin into the tooth it works but not as good as oil of cloves"

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

you must watch this!!!

Do you want to choose this style just to giggle your baby? I DEFINITELY NOT! THink about it..


3 of my fave singers in GMA

I was truly amazed of these 3 girls from SOP of GMA. They've all started in pinoy pop superstar before. They are the grand winners except for aicelle in different season in the said competition. They are the only singers that I always watched in SOP coz I love there voices. I'm hoping that someday my favorite girls will be merge as a group and I was surprised when I saw them together and they called them LA DIVA.

This video was the first song that I saw since they've been merge.

This is fantastic! the blending.
Perfect match.
They are so talented.

Jonalyn Viray ( season 1 grand winner "the petite, soprano"),
Aicelle Santos (season 2 2nd prize winner "The alto") - i love her ALL THE MAN THAT I NEED VERSION
and Maricris Garcia
(season 3 grand winner "the bangs" hehe)

Monday, November 10, 2008

another year has come and another year for intramurals. its been two years since i graduated college and i really do miss it badly to go to school everyday. you know, like kinda a happy go lucky student, exam? sucks! hehe coz being a computer science student is not a JOKE!.

i always watched dance sports (its one of the events of the intramurals at UIC). i might sound like bias but i only watched the hiphop dance competition hehe (because im one of them before hehe.. )and cheer to our department which is I.T.E hehe.

the crowd was still as before.. screaming, cheering, crowded and the BOOOOOs ahaha still alive.

miss being part of the school. miss the crazy stuff, laughter, hahay. that day i really want to shout but i cant unlike before grabe lalabas na lalamunan ko hehe.. the gym was so hot the people getting hot and its all hot that's why i decided to go out and... out from school and say bye bye hehe.. gutom na kasi then work ko din. kabitin nga pero ok lang ganda dami ng pinagbago ng UIC

ITE Department Hip Hop Dance Competition - CHAMPION (clap clap)

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